E-cigarette and smokers – how to solve problems?

Scientists are wondering how they can help addicted smokers overcome their addiction. The only solution is an e-cigarette, which has overcome chemical dependency on nicotine and psychological characteristic associated with smoking activities. About what is the e-cigarette and how it works in the human body, we read of “news” in “E-cigarette smokers save?”.


Located in the e-cigarettes minestrones are the most suspicious substance that may have harmful effects on the body. In a study conducted by researchers from the Centre for Cardiac Surgery. Assisi, these substances was not. Proponents of electronic cigarettes claim that this device delivers nicotine to the body itself without the 400 harmful substances present in normal cigarettes. Another argument in favour of e-cigarettes is the safety of the environment and support for smoking cessation. Opponents of e-cigarettes are of the opinion that nothing is known about these devices and whether they are effective for smoking cessation. They also claim that electronic cigarettes are a danger to young people who have their adventure of starting smoking is these devices, and then pass on to inferior drugs.

It is difficult to settle the dispute. In Brazil, sales of e-cigarettes is banned in the Netherlands is allowed to use but prohibit advertisements, Poland, Germany and Belgium, there are no legal restrictions on the advertising and use of electronic cigarettes. In Austria, however, such devices shall be treated as a medical product, and that you have to register first, to be able to sell it

Anna’s opinion about e-smoking

Anna store with e-cigarettes Tobacco Concept Factory Street. Ela assures us that the new invention is completely harmless. Explains that does not contain as many components as conventional – no tar and carbon monoxide, and glycol-based substances are completely harmless to the organism.

Customers liked the taste of cigarettes. They come here as young people who had never smoked and did not want to get addicted, just “let bubble for the company.”

Such customers typically procure kindergarten, e-liquids or without nicotine, and only flavours such as fruit. It is worrying, however, is burning “for kicks” because young people may soon start to reach for something stronger. Besides, it is not easy to quit after inhaling the same reflex.

“Show off” or you can design your e-cigarette. There are in the shape of a traditional cigarette, including those thin – horns, but also cigars, pipes, and even breath analysers. Most are those that resemble pens and pen.

Standard e-cigarette resembles Slim can be purchased for about 100 zł. Most inhalers, however, costs 200 zł and above. First, the investment is made, then the poison can be up to 10 times cheaper than traditional cigarettes. And that sucks.

Is it easier to quit?

Anna says come to her store customers, who, thanks to e-cigarettes to quit smoking tobacco. However it is not a quit smoking aid.

The tobacco leaf is contained nicotine, which is added to e-liquids. Reduce the dose until some begin to burn “kindergarten” without the addition of nicotine. Anna has a client who, after two years, lost the habit of smoking. He was borrowing the same reflex, because smoking now “kindergarten” taste – says Anna.


Dr. Raphael admits that some of the cast smoking e-cigarettes, but this happens rarely in the same way as in the case of traditional tobacco smokers.

- There is no substance in the world, after the man burn. Out of 100 smokers who want to quit smoking, only two are successful. Regardless of whether you smoke cigarettes or use their electronic counterparts. You have to first of all want to be free from addiction, be in a lot of self-denial and make an informed decision. Then, a conversation and nicotine replacement therapy, such as chewing gums or patches, which helps to such a one to escape from the drug

Effects of smoking

There are no reliable studies on the safety of e-cigarettes, because it’s a novelty, and it will take some time to see the effects of their smoking – corresponds Dr. Alan. – What’s more, I know the development of Greece, which shows that e-cigarettes are much more harmful to health than usual by them contained in a large amount of nicotine, which penetrates deeply into the body – he explains.

There remains the issue of smoking in public places. – You should not do that anywhere. Smoking electronic cigarettes as forcing others into our smoke inhalation. Thus absorb nicotine and become passive smokers – do not leave it Dr. Alan

Nicotine is a highly addictive alkaloid, exceeding the harmful effects of some drugs. Addictive, because it stimulates, strengthens our eyes and increases the level of adrenaline in the body, but it can block the nervous system….